Kissing Venus is a Modern Hard Rock band formed in Milan at the end of 2010 from an idea of the singer and songwriter Chris Noir.

The band, originally composed by four members (Chris Noir, Sguangia, Jus, Fota), proposes a slightly Alternative Rock sound.

At the end of 2011 the band goes to the recording studio to recorded their first EP called “KISSING VENUS” also making an appearance as guests in the international contest “Atlantic Breeze” held in Riga (Latvia).

After several gigs, Kissing Venus feels the need for a change of sound and, in September 2012, Fota (guitarist) left the band to explore new musical experience.
Shortly after, the line-up is strengthened with two new guitarists, Zure and Nick, giving the band a Modern Hard Rock sound.

In February 2013 KV goes back to the recording studio to produce two new songs, “Don’ t Wanna Believe” and “Red Lips”.
Red Lips will be used for the first official videoclip and it will be included as the first track of the Opening Rock Party compilation.

The new sound and new line-up, feature a strong sound impact and great stage presence, offer the chance to Kissing Venus for new live performance aimed to the total involvement of the audience through the energy and catchy songs.

In June 2014 finally the band is back to the recording studio to create the first 10 tracks CD called “EGO” which will be released in the fall of 2015 distributed by Valery Records and promoted by V Promotion.